Friday, 14 October 2016

A slow plod to #7

Well, life got kind of busy there and it was a long slow build up to #7.  I am still enjoying some higher duties and the extra pay, so I was able to find $475.67 in my usual budget (which is outside the realm of manifesting, but I'm going to count it anyway....) and the remainder came from my higher duties.  Clearly it's not a lot of gain as it took so long to get to my next $1000, but still a manifest nonetheless.

I also managed to pick myself up a flatmate (unplanned and unexpected).  This is manifested money, but I have chosen not to dump it all onto the credit card.  I considered what the cost was to us of having the flatmate, and as the cost comes to our lifestyle within the home, I decided that I would put the money towards the home, so I am saving it towards my major renovation plan - it's a $12,000 goal of demolishing the weird structure at the front and replacing it with a simple patio, then painting the roof and painting the house.  Again, another long-term goal, but I am $300 into the journey. :-)

I am off to a swinging sixties night tonight and have op-shopped my way there, with a cute and funky little blue and white number, and ridiculously high white heels.  I shall have some fun!! :-)

Ran so fast through #6 that I missed it....

I should have mentioned in there that the Family Tax also helped towards #6.  These windfalls don't come round very often!! :-)

Friday, 19 August 2016

Earning my way into #5

I was fortunate enough to receive a temporary promotion at work, so I consider this a manifestation of money.  I will be enjoying this promotion for a few months, which will greatly help my goals.

A combination of Family Tax, the $62.43 in extra pay, and finding $74.33 from the family budget has seen me reach my fifth $1000.  Whilst the progress may slow from here, I am still highly motivated to reach the next $1000.

Straight into #4

Again, still using that Family Tax towards my fourth $1000.

Not stopping for #3

The Family Tax helped me rocket through my third $1000.

And right through #2

  1. Still racing through that tax return and Family Tax towards my second $1000.

Racing through #1

A financial windfall, being my tax return, and Family Tax has seen me rocket through this first $1000.