Saturday, 30 November 2013

My poor, neglected blog

There are no excuses.  I love writing on here and I love talking about making my life over, from the inside out and from the ground up.  But, I've just been so busy with socialising, and rotten work problems and .. the big news ... I have (hopefully) bought a house, that I just didn't pop in here.  And after a significant absence, it just feels so hard to come back.

But, come back I have. 

So yes, all that cleaning out I have done (they say that you need to get rid of the old to make way for the new) has led me to falling in love with a gorgeous little (older) house in a nearby suburb.  At just the perfect price, as well.  It is nothing terribly flash to look at, but Son C loves the retro look of the house, and Miss M has taken over as Master Decorator and Renovator and has great plans to do to the house.

It also has a massive, detached rumpus room which she and her boyfriend Chris will move into.  I can't deny that was one of the major attractions for me - finding a separate space where she could live until she is more independent.  They have done really well - they have rented several houses and been diligent with rent and billpayments, etc.  On one income, it's really tough on them and I'd like to give them a break for a few years so they can get on a little more solid ground and get out of a bit of debt.

My good friend Lady R says I am not allowing my daughter to be independent, and that she therefore won't learn how to be.  I can see some truth to what she says - why struggle and pay rent when you can just live at home?  Unfortunately I just see that Miss M branched out too early and has so much more to learn.  It might be a little easier for her and Chris if they have a bit of time to do that first before they go back to paying ridiculous amounts of rent. 

So, my friends, happy December, and that's where I am at today!!