Oh dear.  I made an idle threat last week.  Thursday, to be exact.  Son C has acquired himself a new ipod, and on Thursday morning we drove to school in silence as he plugged his ears into the ipod and drowned out the world.  I finally said to him that if he was going to do that, he may as well catch the bus to school, there was no benefit to us to continue this routine.

A completely empty and idle threat.  Son C has a healthy fear of public transport and could only manage one new routine at a time, so making his way home at the beginning of the year was all he could do.  I felt totally comfortable making this threat because I had no intention of giving up the cute little routines and games that we play each day.

Like driving through the Suburb of my Dreams.  Like guessing how many guests will be standing outside the courthouse and Guess Their Offences.  Or Guess the Grade of the Highschooler.  Or stopping at the bakery for breakfast.

I am a creature of routine and I cherish the habits we have created.  Just the two of us.

Until Friday morning when he awoke, asked what time the bus arrived, and made his independent way to school.

I cried the whole way to work. :-(

I thought I would have it a lot longer than I did.  I knew the time was going to come, but I thought I had a few more years.  The saving grace in this of course is that, in two years, he will have a learners permit and be more than keen to drive to school with me. :-)

This is all perfectly normal, appropriate, healthy development.  The only thing unhealthy is my reaction.  So, I shall embrace the new, I shall look forward to a time when there are no children at home and I am free to pursue my passions in life.

If I can remember what they are. :-(