Friday, 18 October 2013

My Fortieth in Style

So, it would appear that I am, gulp, turning the Big 4.0 next year.  Sssshh, don't tell anyone, it's a seecrud!! ;-)

I went for lunch with my boss a few weeks ago and laughingly told him that I was going to celebrate for a whole year.  He laughed, we all moved on, but I got to thinking....

Why not?  I'm only going to turn 4.0 once, I may as well do it in extravagant style.

So, I'm planning an event every Saturday night for a year.  And this is where I need your help!!  I need ideas!  What do adults do on Saturday nights?  I've planned a cruise, maybe a trip to New Zealand, a bumper bowling weekend, the speedway.  Of course, on my actual birthday, I'll be bringing in the sunset on a hot air balloon ride.

What else can I do for my birthdays?  Any ideas?

Much love!! :-)

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