Monday, 28 October 2013

Power Ballads are for co-dependents

My guilty pleasure is false nails.  Yup, I love ‘em.  I love the elegance, the colours,  and I love an hour to myself once a month to play ladies.

I was in my favourite nail spa recently, watching the awesome old 80’s videos on a continual MTV loop, listening to Richard Marx pining his unrequited love, late at night alone in a hotel, in a colour-less, black and white montage, faithfully promising that he will be right here waiting for her.

I wonder now if Richard Marx is still right there waiting for her or did he move on and get a life?  Is Cher still wanting to turn back time or has she realised that she should live in the present moment?  Does Foreigner even know what love is yet?

And right there in the nail salon, it dawned on me.  

Power Ballads are for Codependents.  

I spent my teens watching Richard Marx, and crazily obsessing over some poor unwitting object of my codependent obsession.

I went into my 20's with Bridget Jones, watching movie re-runs in my pyjamas, singing by myself into my wine glass.  Fortified by a good drop of red, I believed that I could wish and hope and pray Colin Firth into my very own living room.

Of course by my thirties, I was getting more up close and personal with the likes of Dr Phil and Oprah.  I was realising I was possibly, slightly, maybe more than a little broken.

I’ve grown up now though.  I’ve read more than a few spiritual and self-help books, so I think I'd like to spent my 40's working on a mature, mutually respectful, communicative and honest relationship.
Disney.  You and me.  We need to talk.  

Signed, the ever-loving and the ever-learning,


  1. I wish I could construct a decent comment but the truth is I read Richard Marx and have been singing "Right Here Waiting" over and over in my head xx

  2. Now I have got hazard stuck in my head!!

  3. Hahaha! Awesome post!

    We are a generation of codependents... That actually explains a lot!!

    Have a fabulous night Brish! :)

    MC xo

    P.S. I see you have a link to "Consumption Rebellion" on your blog roll. Eilleen is one of my fave people in the world. I remember back when she first gave up slave choccy and started changing her life... you know it was only supposed to be for 12 months but just continued once the 12 months was up? Awesome chick :)

  4. Disney has alot to answer for really! high on my list of things to discuss with Disney is the "wicked step mother" image - that's not helped me at all :)

  5. Oh you are so right but you know what? Karaoke would be nothing without power ballads so I do have to love them :)

  6. LOL love the wondering about Cher, Foreigner etc. I do love to belt out a power ballad myself but glad to not be co dependent ; )