Saturday, 15 March 2014

Brish's Challenge: A Year of Bringing My Lunch

Oh yay, now that sounds as boring as bat-shit, doesn't it?  In order to keep myself accountable though, because I have fallen off the wagon, I would like to keep a little record of my efforts to bring my own lunch.  I'm not that bad, just a bit slack in the morning, and like always, we are watching every $.  Is there ever going to be a time when we are not?

I should quickly update you first:  we bought a house in November, moved in January, and it turns out, that Miss M moved in, without the boyfriend Chris.  I'm unsure where their future stands, but alas, it is their journey, not mine.  All in good time.

So, now that we are a family of three again, still on a single income, I have had to return to basics.  I did this seven years ago to get into our beautiful townhouse, and followed many concepts of the simple living movement (though trying to keep up with the Jones' in a university environment, and then Scout and soccer worlds), and I know we can make it work.

I therefore set myself a challenge:  a year of bringing my own lunch.  Like I said, I'm not too bad, but could certainly use a little motivation.

Day 1, Wednesday 12 March:  Vegemite on toast.  Hahaha!!  What a miserable old start to my year!  But, we have a freezer at work, and it is what was available.  I'm hoping that the meeting that lets out in an hour has some leftovers.

That's my day, guys!  Bit humid and warm up here in Brisbane.  Hope life is treating you all well!