Sunday, 20 October 2013

I wish I got photos...

...because we went on the most awesome road trip today to visit my lovely friend Lady R who has moved down past Murwillumbah.  That's right, packed up bright and early on a Sunday morning and we were on the road by 7:00am, in time to share the roads with the riders from the Brisbane to Gold Coast ride.  Tried to get Son C to grab a photo, but every time we caught a glimpse of them, he wasn't quick enough to grab out the phone.

Aside from spending time with my friend Lady R (who also brought the wonders of kinesiology into my life, but that's another story), we popped back to Uki as the markets were on today and the busy town was alive with locals and visitors alike.  I lluurrvveee to devour old book stalls, and found a copy of the Law of Attraction, and couldn't walk past a plate of felafels and hommus for lunch.  Mmmm... that will make up for the Golden Arches breakfast I bribed Son C with to get him up early. ;-)

Then it was over to Nimbin to see the sights.  It's not my world, but I love the little stores cluttered with crystals, and incense, and stones and jewellery and all sorts of other natural products.  I didn't buy anything, but I really do always want to burn incense around the house.  I find that when it burns to the end (worse with the incense cones, but with the sticks also), it just gets a nasty acrid odour, that I don't find pleasant.  Any answers?

A hasty goodbye was made and we readied ourselves for the long drive home.  Son C had a great time, away from screens and games and headphones.  It was nice to spend time with him for awhile before his head delves back into TeenageDom.

Am feelin the love.  Night all!  *mwah*

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