Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Flannel Chenille Blanket

I sent a link to Miss M for a gorgeous vintage peach chenille blanket, and of course Miss M was more than happy to receive one. :-) I was anxious to start one of these gorgeous, soft blankets, so I dove into it right away over the weekend (ignoring my housework and the fact that we were, yes, having friends for dinner on Sunday night), and chose a bright Cotton duck fabric for the outer layer.  If you do know what cotton duck is, I'd be happy to hear it!!  Add to that three different flannel pieces - I chose one bright orange, one more subdued blue that matched my cotton layer, and a plain white - and then I was home for an afternoon of pinning and sewing looooong straight lines.

Here's the four fabrics I used - I chose a white with bright dots for my outer layer, as I was making it for an older teen as a lap blanket, though it would make a beautiful, soft baby's blanket.  You can't see the bright outer colours on the cotton in this photo, but you can see how nicely the two blues blend together:

 Lay the cotton right side down, with the three flannel layers right side up:
And stitch them together with diagonal lines, a half inch apart.  Now, they must be sewn across the bias in order for them to fray nicely.  If sewn across the grain, the fray will just be all stringy and unsightly.
Now, I'd guess this took me about six hours all told, in amongst escorting Son C to a soccer trivia night, and having friends over.  It's not a quick process!!

I'll just finish my binding, and I'll be back....

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