Monday, 9 September 2013


I am a most vivid dreamer. My nights are rich and adventurous, creative, they delve to the depths of my imagination, they reflect my insecurities and represent my spiritual growth. It's rare for me to have a yucky dream, but I do have them, and just try to wake myself up from them.

I like to believe that my dreams represent the growth I have made. As I journeyed through the people-pleasing years of my youth, through that desperate search for acceptance from others, my dreams followed the same yearning and rejected narrative.  Ugh, so painful and self-indulgent.

In reality, now, as my own sense of self has been restored, my dreams reflect that self-assuredness.  Those same dreams are now light-hearted and fun.  I am young and carefree again, uninhibited. They are childlike and sweet. I am accepting, and free.

If I am feeling frustrated and helpless about a situation, perhaps at work, I dream that I explode, I imagine as a reflection of my bottled-up emotions, a release for those tensions.  I dream about conflict at work sometimes, and in them I feel heard and respected (what I’m looking for in my workplace).

And then there are the hilarious and stupid dreams.  Waking up in bed beside John Goodman, what a hoot!!  That must have been some wild night!!  Haha!  Or stalking my best friend (lucky that she's forgiving!!)

Tell me about your dreams. Do you remember them? Are they intense, emotional and painful? Or joyful reflections of your reality?


  1. I don't remember my dreams my now days but I have had some crackers in the past. When I was pregnant they were the most vivid. I even dreamt I gave birth to a crocodile! Weird! Money Mummy

  2. No weird dreams for me. I get lots of work done in my dreams, then I wake up to find I have to do it all over again! Cheers, Alison

  3. Yep I dream like you in technicolor detail, and they often reflect how I'm feeling in life. I always have one where I'm driving the car and the brakes don't work, whenever I feel like I have no control on life. As soon as I get the dream (which is so frustrating), I know I need to make changes