Monday, 8 August 2016

A Journey toward manifesting $15,000.

A journey toward manifesting $15,000.  To pay off my ridiculous credit card debt.  Just $1,000 at a time. :-)

I was reading SugarMammatv and she talks about manifesting money. I mean, it's not like you can create money, wouldn't that be wonderful?  It's just a mindset, a way of looking at money differently.  Everywhere you can access money that is outside your normal cashflow, can be seen as manifested.  I will appreciate and acknowledge these windfalls, and apply them to the credit card debt, to fill the Black Hole of Debt.

So many wonderful things have happened since I began this journey to clean out my house.  A new house came.  A daughter returned.  A young man grew.  A daughter left again.  A grandson arrived.  What joy. :-)

And as I have cleared out, the junk has built again, and so a new period of clearing out continues.  I followed the Konmari method to clear out my paper clutter.  What a rollercoaster ride of emotion that one was.  And now I am on to debt.  My journey towards debt-free began on 5 August (just for accountability there, people), and I look forward to a future without it. :-) :-)

See you at the first $1,000. :-)

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