Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Education and Decision

The Divine Miss M is off to a new course today (good luck, Miss M!) and my lovely Son C is home with this head cold that has apparently been plaguing Brisbane.  I caught it last week, probably from friends, and he has it this week.  We’re a sharing and caring kind of family!!  :-)

I’ve been concerned about his high school of choice for next year.  Our local public high school is nothing to write home about, and to be truthful, I was very nervous about sending him there due to our previous experiences.  We had applied as out-of-catchment students to two other high schools, and I got a “thanks, but no thanks” letter from the first.  I was completely shattered, I must say, but I guess that speaks of how highly these schools are rated.  Son C is a fairly high-achieving student, and I didn’t foresee any concern getting in, but there’s some competition out there for Brisbane high schools.  And private was never an option for this single-parent family.

What about you?  Is high school a big decision in your family?  I come from a public education background, but there is so much pressure from the community to send our students private. 

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