Saturday, 10 August 2013

2013: The Year of the Credit Card

I'm not even going to say it. You know what I've been doing all year. Paying out a credit card. Are you all sick of hearing about it? I'm sick of talking about it.

The comes a time though when investment must be made, and that moment came today in the form of a workwear upgrade.

I work in a university executive office, and I'm afraid that my simple lifestyle just doesn't quite cut it. I love my values, I don't try to fit in with the crowd, or keep up with the Jones', but even I got to the end of winter and needed something new.

I packed my car with coffee, my life savings (not the credit card), Miss M and Boyfriend Chris and charged forth to DFO at Jindalee. Direct Factory Outlet, I think it stands for. A consumerist mecca with the singular ability to extricate the last of your hard-earned cash from your pocket with claims of bargains and price reductions. Truth be told, I'm not sure there's much of a bargain to be had, but I guess that might just be my pessimistic opinion. :-) :-)

I found my delight though in the seconds rack at the Cue store, where, with careful selection, I found three elegant, trendy, delightful dresses at a significant reduction – all of which just needed a zipper replaced. A nip, tuck and a new zipper here and there, and I will have a new professional wardrobe.

The concept of buying seconds may not appeal to many, it may not provide the peaceful glow that comes from departing a store armed with armfuls of purchases and a thinner wallet. I can sew however, and fitting a zipper on is a cinch. U tilising your skills and providing your own labour can be great money-saving techniques for many home projects, if, like me, you're working on a budget.

That's my tip for Saturday night. What are your bargain shopping successes?

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