Friday, 19 July 2013

Good Girl, Mummy!

I have a little friend, who's just turned 3, Stella, whose blond curls remind me of my Little Miss M.  I tell Stella that I used to have a little girl once. 

I recall putting my Miss M into her carseat one evening after grocery shopping.  I don't know, she must have been coming up to, or around two years old.  As I was placing her into the carseat, I accidentally bumped her head onto the doorframe of the car.

I'm awesome like that.  I also slammed her fingers in the car door once and wondered why she was jumping around yelping.  Cars and my daughter don't mix.

So, after I hit her head, she said "Sorry, Miss M."  As usual, I was in a hurry and frustrated after having been shopping with a toddler, so I ignored her and proceeded to strap her in.  Loudly and firmly, she repeated "SORRY, MISS M!!!" 

"Oh, OK, sorry Miss M," I said, in the interests of finally getting out of the carpark.  She settled down, and happily replied.

"Good Girl, Mummy!"

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