Thursday, 11 July 2013

Thing I'm Looking Forward to Before I Turn 40

In celebration of my recent birthday, I give you 39 things I look forward to doing before I turn 40.

1.  Going to check out an old favourite restaurant
2.  Hoping to travel to New Zealand next year for a skiing trip
3.  Paying out my credit card
4.  Going to the beach A LOT this summer (I say it every year!)
5.  Watching my boy turn 14
6.  Paying out my car
7.  Losing a wisdom tooth
8.  Hot Air balloon Ride for my 40th
9.  Enriching my relationships
10.  Sewing a patchwork quilt for my winter doona
11.  Taking Son C fishing
12.  Camping trip with all the kids on the NSW coast
13.  Sunset cruise on Brisbane River
14.  Followed by fish and chips at Southbank
15.  Visit the old clock tower in City Hall
16.  Dye my hair blonde again
17.  Shopping when my credit card is gone!!
18.  Continue all the things I already love
19.  Loving Pinterest more than I do
20.  Buying a laptop computer
21.  Watch the sunrise again – off a beach somewhere
22.  Finish my movie project of the kids
23.  Watch my brother turn 40 first
24.  Son C getting a part-time job
25.  Losing three kilos
26.  Watching my girl turn 20
27.  Mt Tamborine craft markets
28.  Taking my Mum and daughter to High Tea at the Stamford Plaza (gee-awjus!!)
29.  A clean and uncluttered garage
30.  Updating my wardrobe
31.  Catching up with old friends
32.  Watch my best friend turn 40 before me! :-)
33.  Come up with 40 more things for after my 40th
34.  Read the Michael Connolly book I got for my birthday
35.  A quiet Friday night
36.  Back and neck massage
37.  Buying a new stereo (eventually!)
38.  Getting my carpets cleaned (ugh!)
39.  Finally getting all those home maintenance things done around the house.

And that, my friends, is what I'm doing this coming year.  Cheers!!! 

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