Monday, 1 July 2013

June Debt Diet

Life seems to creep by ever so slowly while I am making over my house, my finances, and my life.  Whoop de dee!!  And creeping ever so closer is a very big number milestone for me ... yikes!! At least my life will be in tip-top order when that arrives!!

In financial terms, I can report the following for June:

In:                                            4236.70
Borrowed on credit card:          325.64
Spent:                                      1475.63
Saved:                                        647.18
(this goes onto the credit card at the end of the month, also see note below)
Bills:                                        1018.87
Repaid Debt:                           1420.66

Son C attended Jamboree at the beginning of the year – the two-week Scout camp in Maryborough (if you haven’t heard of it – oh my Lord, it was a fantastic adventure for them!!  I drove up to see him on the Visitor’s day, I swear he grew three years overnight!) and as a group, we had done a considerable amount of fundraising (sausage, anyone?)  As a result, we received our portion of the funds – almost $700.  I was excited to receive the cheque for 5 minutes, before it went straight onto the credit card balance.

Not too long to go – am hoping to have it paid out in about two pays.   

Do you have credit card debt?  Are you able to move it on?

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