Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Heart of the Home

They say that kitchens bring families together, but in our case, it’s where the resident teenager opens the fridge, stares blankly and asks if there’s anything to eat.  His favourite chore to contribute to is unpacking the groceries!! :-)

Our kitchen is uninspiring, considering it’s townhouse stock standard.  It’s a very decent sized kitchen, with a large window and lots of natural light. It can only be enhanced by keeping it tidy and uncluttered. 

Here is at its mid-week worst.  Items without homes get placed on benches and I then procrastinate with making a decision about where to house them.  I like to leave them there until they are virtually screaming at me to find them a good home. :-)

It really didn’t take too long for me to quietly work through the ‘stuff’ and move it on.  Ten minutes at a time, I like to pace myself. :-)

And here we are now.  Afraid, despite my claims of light and breeziness, it was an overcast old July day when I took this.  Unfortunately, what I do find when I’ve got beautiful open benches, is that the floors need doing, the cupboard doors need wiping and I could really do with moving kitchen items around to make them more readily accessible.  Ah well, not today. 

What theme is your kitchen?  A little more country cosy?  Or modern and stream-lined?

Have a good day people! 

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