Friday, 7 June 2013

A Midlife Crisis, From the Ground Up

Life is full of new beginnings.  New careers.  New relationships.  New journeys.  And as much changes, nothing can stay the same.

I moved into my home when we bought it seven years ago.  We, as in, Miss M, Son C and I.  Our first journey into home ownership.  But it became the home of other journeys too.  The beginning and end of my time with Louis.  And the breaking away of Miss M from our family unit.  A home of much joy, learning, independence and pain.

Now that Son C has entered his teens, I find myself staring into the abyss of my future.  The unknown.  The beginning of my life as a truly independent adult, an empty-nester.

Another beginning. And as much changes, nothing can stay the same.

It's time to empty my home.  Embrace my new adventure.  Clear the clutter.  Embrace the happy memories and dispense with the old.

I'm doing this from the ground up.  Clearing out the overflowing cupboards, letting go of my hoarding nature, and the what-ifs.  Letting go of the young, uncertain family that we were, and embrace the rewards of who we have become.  Realise this home as the mature and beautiful space I would like it to be. An overhaul of my home, my finances, my relationships, and the vision for my future.

Join me as I embark on this mid-life crisis, from the ground up. Roll up your sleeves, and grab a bucket!!

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