Monday, 3 June 2013

A Simple Project

Miss M is just starting to learn to sew, so we were out on the weekend looking at fabric for some simple projects for her.  Long ago, when I was pregnant with her, I made myself some simple bunny rugs and have often given them as gifts since.  I thought that would make a nice little project for myself, so I bought some pretty blue flannel pieces from Spotlight.

I cut them into squares and pinned them together, rights sides facing.  

Then sewed them together, with just a 1cm seam, leaving a 20cm gap on one of the edges.  When I started to sew, I realised they weren’t perfectly square, and found a few folds that wouldn’t sew through evenly.  I just had to ease them through as neatly as possible.  They won’t look perfect from the outside, but hey, they’re handmade.

Then cut the corners (I had overlocked the edges of mine, a zigzag stitch would also work, just to neaten those raw edges).

Turn them right side out and pin the seam open.  Although I’m not going to sew that seam open, I do like to pin them, to get the fabric sitting nicely. 

Stitch along the edge of the gap that you pulled the material through, and voila, a very simple, pretty bunny rug.

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