Sunday, 2 June 2013

Meal Planning on a Sunday

Well, good Morning!!  Back to a cool, spring morning here in Brisbane and we are back at school and work, which means I’ve been planning our fortnight.  I always plan on a Sunday, as I'll just duck out and grab our groceries for the fortnight then.  I’ve been through the freezer and have most of the meat required for these meals, so I’ll only need to buy lamb and mince, and my shopping is done.  Cooking for two is not as satisfying, but there’s always leftovers for lunch or for another night.   Just cause I know you care, (and I know cause I need to shop and budget) we are having this week:

Tacos   (I tried a soft taco once.  It was wrong.  Just wrong.)

Leftover spaghetti (I have several in the freezer for those nights we are at soccer training)

Homemade pizzas

Mini roast chicken

I wish I could tell you I am amazing home cook who made these meals from scratch, but .. I'm afraid not!!  Son C gets home at 4:30pm, and I’m usually in around 5, so I ideally like to have dinner on by 6:30pm, so dinner needs to be something that can be whipped together quickly, or can be done in the slow cooker.  I’m still working on recipes I like for the slow cooker, so I don’t have a particularly strong repertoire, and honestly, I quite like the many slow cooker packets you can get in the grocery stores these days. 

There’s not enough here to fill a fortnight obviously, but there will be leftovers on at least two nights, and I know that we are dining out one afternoon, so I’ve covered most bases.  Yumm, I’m looking forward to these warm winter meals!

Peace out, bean sprout! :-)

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