Saturday, 8 June 2013

Making a start

I can't believe I'm doing this.  Posting pictures.  Eek!!

We have a double-storey townhouse, allowing for a reasonably large cupboard under the stairs.  Think Harry Potter's broom cupboard bedroom.  'Cept mine is filled to the hilt with eskies, fridge bags, sleeping bags, any old bags.  Really!  How many bags does a girl need?  And a shelf filled with the overflow from the kitchen.  

As an aside, this place needs a linen cupboard.  I mean, really!  Design flaw, people!!

So, close your eyes right about now.  i mean, not really close your eyes, but shield yourself from the eyesore that is my cupboard-under-the-stairs.  Ack!!

 It really was that bad!  Just stuff that we've been collecting for years, and throwing in there and not looking again.  So, on a cold, bleak, overcast day today I got cracking.
I love it!!  I threw away a lot of Miss M's old bags, and put aside items that need to be returned to other people, and just found a whole pile of items that were broken or unused, and were thrown out.  

What a relief to be able to walk into my cupboard-under-the-stairs again.


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