Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Introducing myself

I realise I haven't introduced myself.  I've looked around, and google/blogger doesn't seem to have one of those 'About Me' sections that I can edit.

So, with no more fanfare, my name is Brish, and welcome to my blog.

I am a:

recovering hoarder; practising adult; daughter; former scout leader; camper; idealist; alternate; ex-smoker; administrator; empty-nester; sew-er (as opposed to a sewer); mother; romantic;  sister; bonsai enthusiast; struggling housekeeper; beginner de-clutterer; blonde; budgeter extraordinaire; occasional traveller; almost middle-aged (still curious how that happened?); feminist; saver; born worrier; scaredy-cat; spider-enemy; friend; former lover; frugalist and simple living philosopher.

I have:

Two children; big dreams; family sedan; no tattoos; false nails; three TV’s; too many books; ambitions; some regrets; my own home; bad memories; a big brother; list of resentments; a vision board; good friends and many good times.

And only a couple of those things I'm working on.  I'm starting with just de-cluttering my house, and I'll work on the other defects and tattoos after that.

Nice to meet you! :-)

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