Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Bookcase Update

I know, I know, this probably isn't terribly exciting to many people.  But, it's my wonderful little life project, getting this house organised.  I had it in mind that young Son C and I might move and buy a new house, but that is not coming to plan as I'd hoped, so the next best thing is to rejuvenate what I've got, and this is it. :-)

My bookcase downstairs faces the front door as you walk, though the bottom half is hidden by the lounge chair.  I'd moved books off the top shelf, intending to decorate it, but clearly I got halted. :-)  And yes, there are books piled in the floor ready to be donated, my camera is sitting where it doesn't belong, and a bag of clean soccer jerseys adorns the hallway floor.

A lick and a spit, books have been removed to be donated, and it's a massive improvement.

The top shelf can be seen from the front door and needs to be neat.  The believe sign hides my jewellery. :-)

I had been shopping with Son C and stopped in at Loot, where they have those gorgeous wooden signs. The budget doesn't stretch that far of course when The Credit Card is The Priority.

Spotlight though had these unpainted wooden versions, and I already had paint at home from my bedroom painting.  It was pleasant spending the afternoon painting them white and black, for only a few dollars each.

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