Sunday, 16 June 2013

Menu Planning Monday, not Sunday

I spent my Sunday afternoon assembling furniture for the spare room, so I was most definitely not my organised self on Monday morning.  I had already mentally prepared my menu for the fortnight, so I do just have to do some quick grocery shopping, and I'll be back up to speed.  Just cause I know you're dying to know what's being eaten in Brish's household this week:

Almost Lasagne - I haven’t had this one before, but it looks like a great, quick and easy pasta bake type meal.  And I can get away with grating lots of veggies into that Son C will never notice!!

Subway - I know, I know, but it's kind of a tradition after soccer training.  We haven't done it in months though, so it might be time to whip out our old standby. :-)

Ribs - I have some pre-marinated ribs in the freezer, I ruined them last time by putting them in the slow cooker and not allowing enough water, they were nasty and dried out by the time I got home.  Will do them in the oven this time. :-)

Beef schnitzels with chips and salad

Homemade calzones – might even ask Miss M and her bf over for dinner

Freezer night

Porcupine meatballs - another old standby.  I never make these as my Mum ruined them for me when I was young.  But they've turned out to be quite popular in my house.

Chicken with Mustard cream sauce

And, just cause I haven’t got anything sweet in here, and have been dying to try a Banoffee pie, thanks to Jamie Oliver, I’ll try these too:

Have any of you ever tried the concept of once-a-month cooking?  It's self-explanatory:  you spend a weekend preparing enough meals to get your family through the month.  I've dabbled in it, the obvious ones being spaghetti and lasagne.  Now that the winter months are upon us, the idea is more appealing.

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